Where the heck is it?

Each week we publish a detail of a local landmark. The next week we identify the landmark. Do you know where the heck this is? Send us your guess.

Herald reports

March 23, 1972: A few years ago things went up, including taxes, because the cost of living had advanced. Since 1920 the cost of living has been going down, but the statements show continued rises. Hasn’t the news got all…

Reminder: Please Pick Up After Your Pets

It’s warmer. Snow is melting. Those of us with dogs know the unsightly and smelly items previously hidden by snow have now been uncovered.

Rain and snow melt wash pet waste off lawns, into stormdrains and then directly to lakes, rivers or ponds.

Pet waste contains A LOT of bacteria and parasites, plus it adds nutrients to the water, reducing oxygen available and leading to more algae.

So pick up that pet waste!

Coaching speech students to success

The Chaska speech team competed at the Rosebowl tournament in Roseville on Saturday. As a team, they placed 10th out of 18 teams. The young team showed continued progress in its last regular season competition.