Neighborhood Meeting June 24: Independent Senior and Multi-Family Housing Concept

Neighborhood Meeting Opportunity: The Carver County Community Development Agency has started work to develop a concept for independent senior living and multi-family housing south of Carver Elementary School. An opportunity to provide input and ask questions before the concept is developed will be provided on Monday, June 24 from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm in the Carver Crossing Community Room at 1593 Hartwell Dr. If you have specific questions in advance, please contact Erin Smith, City Planner, at 952-448-8743.

Duckweed: Don’t let it ruffle your feathers

Often mistaken for algae, duckweed offers many benefits to water quality and wildlife. Duckweed looks like tiny individual smooth green dots with little roots. Algae looks more like a mat of fuzzy green with no indistinguishable pieces. See if you can spot the difference this summer. Learn by more by clicking HERE.

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