Introducing Ricki Schultz and Villager Tower

Villager Tower

The Villager Tower by Ricki Schultz started in 1983 as the “Carver Gazette”. Published monthly, it is printed and distributed to the downtown businesses and post office. The newsletter has many local readers, as well as Carver expats across the state and country.

Starting with the 270th issue, the Villager Tower will now also be available on Carver Current! The current issue can be downloaded here.

During the next few months, we will be scanning and making available the historical archives, documenting the last 30 years of the city of Carver.

Speaking personally, I am honored to be a part of this piece of work. It started when I was two years old, and it is humbling to see the dedication that has gone into this publication. I hope that by putting it online the Villager Tower and Ricki Schultz will gain wider circulation and recognition.

Correction: Originally it was listed as starting in 1981, but it was actually started in 1983.

Spring Flood Preparations

With the high river, the log jam, and the amount of snow on the ground, city officials are beginning flood preparations.

As of the December 20th NOAA model, there is a 1 in 4 chance that the Minnesota River will reach or exceed the 2010 height and a 7% chance of reaching or exceeding the 1965 flood. With the September flooding and almost record-setting precipitation this winter we are preparing for the worst and expecting the best.

Read more at the Mayor’s Blog. Additionally, the city has created an informational page.

Split decision on sign ordinance after threats from Mills

This week in the Chaska Herald, Nick Mason summarizes the contentious decision to allow Mills Fleet Farm to put in a 70 foot sign.

The new City Council rejected the Carver Planning Commission recommendation by voting 4-1 for an amended sign ordinance that allows businesses to erect sign structures up to 70 feet tall along Highway 212

Council action came four days after a Mills representative sent an e-mail to city officials advising them that the sign issue was “a deal breaker” and that rejection of a 70-foot-tall Fleet Farm sign might prompt the company to halt the project in Carver and move it to Iowa.

Read the full story at Additionally in the print version of the Chaska Herald, Nick Mason published a comprehensive interview with Mayor Greg Osterdyk.

Introducing Carver Current

I thought it may be time to do a proper introduction of myself and this site.

I’m Dan Rue and I live in Carver with my wife Tina. We were both raised in Chaska. After college we got married and bought a house on Riesgraf Road. We love this city, and especially our neighbors over on Riesgraf.

Carver Current was created to fill a need that I had personally – What is going on in Carver? What is the City up to? Are there any events this weekend? Too often I will drive through downtown on a Saturday and be surprised that there is a car show or craft fair. Besides community events, I want to know more about local political candidates, I want to hear about volunteer opportunities, and I would love to hear what other people think about these things.

To that end, I am building a platform for Carver to contribute and exchange ideas, opinions, and information. All content is contributed by local individuals, and will always be available freely to everyone.

Behind the scenes, I have been meeting other local people who are interested in helping this come together. Over the next few weeks and months, I will be announcing more site content and additional site features.

To get this going, I need help! Please considering “liking” Carver Current on Facebook. By “liking” Carver Current, you will see our stories on your wall. This is a great way to view our content, and it is a great means of advertising to your friends.

Secondly, if you have any ideas or would like to help build this community, please contact me.

Soggy Bottom Golf Tournament II

Title: Soggy Bottom Golf Tournament II
Location: Riverside Park, Carver. 300 Main Street East
Link out: Click here
Description: Bring one golf club, hockey stick, or whatever else you would like to hit a tennis ball with on our 18 hole snow-golf course.

Beer, Alcohol, Pop and Food will be available for purchase at the park.

Cost is $20, and includes a Soggy Bottom stocking cap.
Start Time: 11:30
Date: 2011-01-22

Carver Fire Steak Fry

Title: Carver Fire Steak Fry
Location: Carver Village Hall
Link out: Click here
Description: Friday Feb. 4th Carver Fire will be holding it’s third super bowl weekend steak fry. 4pm to 9pm come get Von Hanson’s steak and take part in the silent auction. Adults 10$ kids steak 6$ or get hot dog meal for 3$. Alcoholic beverages will be served so come have fun
Start Time: 4:00pm
Date: 2011-02-04
End Time: 9:00pm

Carver City Council 2011-01-03

The first 10 mins of the video is missing due to a camera error. We apologize for any trouble this may cause you.

  • ‎00:01:18: 7b) MNWARN System
  • 00:05:20: 7c) Sign Ordinance – published
  • 00:24:22: Mills Fleet Farm public hearing
  • 00:39:24: 7d) Mills Fleet Farm related changes
  • 00:48:00: 9) Carver County regional trail plan
  • 00:49:24: 10ab) Fire equipment
  • 01:01:00: 10c) Highway Improvement Project CSAH 11
  • 01:04:51: Logjam threatening the levy?

Full meeting minutes are available at Carver’s website.

I’ve added Mayor Osterdyk’s blog to the list of links, where he’s already published the Council Corner.