Library: Celebrate arts in April

Celebrate Arts in April with Carver County Library and join us to learn a new skill or polish one you already have. From classes with Parcel Arts to upcycling cards and crafts, we have something for everyone.

Autumn warms up to new people quickly

Autumn is a pretty 1-year-old brown tabby domestic shorthaired female, who has been a great mama to her kittens and now she’s ready for some TLC of her own! Autumn has been living with other cats in her foster home…

Paid letter: Doesn’t illustrate moderate view

A letter in the March 17 paper characterized Councilwoman Rehm as a “radical leftist” (“Look forward to electing more Republicans”). The implication of the letter is that Greg Boe is a moderate in comparison to Councilwoman Rehm.

Letter: Federal funds assist with road projects

The members of the Southwest Corridor Transportation Coalition would like to extend our gratitude to our U.S. senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith for their work in securing funding for U.S. Highway 212 and Trunk Highway 5 in Carver County…

Celebration of Poetry on April 11

April is National Poetry Month. The poets and writers of the Arts Consortium of Carver County are holding “A Celebration of Poetry,” at 6:30 p.m., Monday, April 11 at Shepherd of the Hill Church, 145 Engler Blvd., Chaska.