2012 Carver Historic District Update

John von Walter of the Carver Heritage Preservation Commission and Carver on the Minnesota has been working on a substantial book that documents the history of Carver on a building-by-building basis.

The first five pages of Carver Historic District provide a great introduction to the history of the area, and then the remainder takes a look at the history of each building and site individually. Please take a look at this and send any feedback to John on Facebook.

The latest version for 2012 is now available here:

Updates include:

  • History introduction at the beginning on the Dakota War
  • The Hotel Luksenborg (Carver’s first building, first hotel, and first school, page 92)
  • The Carver County Democrat newspaper (page 147)
  • The Carver Ferry (page 151)
  • The Letford House (home of Carver’s first mayor, page 168) – The Valley Transcript newspaper (page 187)
  • Perhaps the most interesting addition is new material on the early history of the house called Springside (page 57). If one reads the house biography on Springside and then Googles “Dr. Linda Hazzard” some interesting material crops up….