Fired for falling asleep at work, Carver official wants job back

The former building inspector claims he’s disabled, on medicine and facing discrimination.

Williams was fired April 4. His attorney Tom Glennon said it’s clear that Carver leaders were looking for any excuse to fire Williams. He said the city’s actions amount to “transparent retaliation against Mr. Williams for having asserted his rights as a disabled employee.”

On March 31, Williams filed a discrimination charge with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The EEOC will likely take several months to look into the matter and perhaps investigate it.

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Mills Fleet Farm And Carver Water Tower

The Chaska Herald has published the latest news on the status of Mills Fleet Farm:

The next step is for the city to request and receive bids from contractors for building a four-lane divided entrance road and making other public improvements approaching the site. City Engineer Dan Boyum said the target date for opening bids is May 26.

The city is also planning on refinishing the old Carver water tower.

The City Council voted unanimously this month to accept bids today (April 28) for interior coating, exterior painting and repairs to the 100,000-gallon water tower at 1765 Mount Hope Roa