Becca Kniss

Co-captain Becca Kniss scored a goal in Eden Prairie's 5-1 victory over Camgbide-Isanti. The win lifted Eden Prairie's overall record to 6-1-2.

Central Middle School 1

Central Middle School in Eden Prairie presently educates seventh- and eighth-graders. It is at 8025 School Road. Designing Pathways recommends adding classrooms and moving sixth-graders to the school.

Central Middle School 2

A sign on School Road welcomes people to Central Middle School. Based on community feedback, Designing Pathways recommends building a new performing arts center at the school.

Your Kombucha Isn’t Actually Kombucha

Sorry to shatter the illusion, but that expensive, bottled kombucha iced tea you’ve been drinking isn’t anything close to the authentic stuff—and, believe us, you’re missing out. Come along as we travel to Japan’s Rishiri Island and meet Chiharu Hirakawa,…

Congratulations to the 2018 Employees of the Year

The City of Carver’s City Council formally recognized the 2018 Employees of the Year at their December 17, 2018, City Council meeting.  Congratulations to Brenda Good, Administrative Assistant, and Ryan Gill, Fire Fighter/Fire Marshal.  Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the City of Carver!

















Ryan Gill