Villager Tower Archives Now Available

Villager Tower

Ricki Schultz and I are happy to announce that the full historical archives of the Villager Tower (originally the Carver Gazette) have been digitized and made available at

This newsletter and their archives provide an important history of the last 30 years in the City of Carver.

The Villager Tower by Ricki Schultz started in 1983 as the “Carver Gazette”. Published monthly, it is printed and distributed to the downtown businesses and post office. The newsletter has many local readers, as well as Carver expats across the state and country.

Ricki Schultz can be contacted at (952) 448-5126 and [email protected].

The Lowly River

Hard to believe just 6 months ago the river was spilling over its banks, and is now so low that rocks in the Carver rapids are exposed.

Jerrod Larson, who runs and hikes in the Louisville Swamp area in Scott County, said the massive outcroppings of rock in the Minnesota are impressive. The more dramatic stretch of rapids requires a 3-mile hike to view, he said, but another set is easier to access.

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