Opinion: Lights at Carver Fields

I would like to comment on the issue of installing lights at the new Carver fields. As a coordinator of our fields, we have had MANY times where having lights would have either saved games being postponed or not being able to be played for various reasons.

Carver is growing. Our field requirements are growing. Tuesday and Thursday nights all the fields are double booked and games have to be shortened so we can get the games in. And that is when we have the most sun light.

I did read the article in the Chaska paper regarding lights in surrounding communities and who had or doesn’t have lights. It did say that Victoria did not have any lights. That would be incorrect. I do use 2 of their fields THAT DO HAVE LIGHTS for our Monday and Wednesday night games.

This year for our Year End Softball tournament we had to reschedule 2 games because of darkness and not having lights. Carver fields were part of that mix.

Please reconsider putting lights in now versus the issues and costs that would occur at a later date. CARVER is growing and having these 2 fields with lights would make us one of the top communities on fields for Baseball and Softball and other sports that could use these fields. Some of the added Fall events that lights would be needed for are Fall Softball (which we could offer) youth football via the schools, La cross or soccer and other events that I am not aware of. The options are open but they do need lights in the fall.

I would like to Thank-you for hearing me (with special concerts for the CCYBSA programs for our youth of Carver and surrounding communities) and being able to express my concerns on this subject.

Jane Thon – CCYBSA Coordinator

Message from the Carver Lions – Parking for the Circus Tonight

Parking_CircusThe Carver Lions have made a slight change in parking for tonight, Friday, July 29, for the circus performances.  They are asking to please park in Community Park’s parking lot, along 6th Street, or in the area neighborhoods and walk through Community Park.   They will not allow any parking along Jonathan Carver Parkway due to traffic. (Read more…)  There will be Sheriff deputies to help you cross.