Help Dorothy’s Daughter Sara Fight Melanoma

Is your child a student in District # 112? Does your child ride the bus? Maybe your child knows Dorothy.

Dorothy is a mom, grandmother and school bus driver for Eastern Carver County School District. So you all can relate to her dismay when you think about your own children. They are having a fundraiser for ‘Sara’ and the flyer is attached. If you can help, please do. Say a prayer for the entire family. Things happen to people and families that touch our lives closer than you think. Sara is also a mom. Thank you for just your thoughts if that’s all you can do. The miracle of prayers is stronger than you can imagine!!!!

Submitted by Ricki Schultz. Click on the image for a larger version.

Help Dorothy's Daughter Sara Fight Lemanoma
Help Dorothy's Daughter Sara Fight Lemanoma

Youth Baseball and Softball Online Registration Now Available

The Carver Community Youth Baseball Softball Association (CCYBSA) Online Registration is now available at the CCYBSA Website.

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