City declares “State of Emergency” in Preparation for Spring Flooding

The City of Carver has posted a summary of the current state of flood preparation over at

Briefly, there is a 40% chance that this year’s flood will surpass the record 1965 flood. The 1965 flood crested at 724 feet and our levee is 726.5 feet. For this reason, the city has begun preparations to add 4 to 6 feet to the levee.

Additionally, they have released a flood guide that answers many of the questions and concerns. The guide can be downloaded here.

Want to help? reported on the situation yesterday.

Flood Levee Built Up in Carver, Historic Watertown Bridge May Close:

Sandbagging March 16th

Carver is looking for volunteers to fill sand bags this Wednesday. Click here to sign up!

We will be sandbagging March 16th starting at 4:30pm to 8pm. We are looking for volunteers that would be interested in filling sandbag’s bags. Please enter your name and phone number if you will be helping during this event. Volunteers who come out that day are asked to dress in layers, wear clothes they don’t mind getting dirty, have footwear that can withstand mud, and to wear gloves. All volunteers will be asked to register at Carver Public Utilities Building (117 Broadway N. Carver MN 55315). Once registered we will be filling sandbag’s at WM Mueller & Sons Inc gravel pit.

Villager Tower #271

Villager Tower

The February/March issue of Villager Tower is now available: Villager Tower #271 February / March 2011.

This issue includes the story of a dog saving a family from fire, the latest news on flooding, a Fleet Farm update, other council news, and many other announcements including a write up of Carver Current. Please read and enjoy.

Additionally, I have been scanning historical issues and have posted the archives from 1984 and 1985 over on the Carver History page.

Ricki Schultz can be contacted at (952) 448-5126 and

Steamboat Days 2011 Planning

Title: Steamboat Days 2011 Planning
Location: Carver Villager Hall, Basement
Link out: Click here
Description: Join us in planning the 2011 Steamboat Days! Meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6:30PM in the Carver Village Hall basement. We would like to see you!
Start Time: 18:30
Date: 2011-03-09

How about a Raingarden?

Raingardens are growing in popularity as an attractive, low-maintenance landscape alternative that helps protect and restore water quality. They are designed and planted to capture rain water so it can penetrate into the soil. This reduces the stormwater runoff that takes pollutants from the air, yards and streets and carries them into lakes, rivers and wetlands.

Metro Blooms is hosting a Raingarden workshop in Waconia on April 7th. The cost is $10.

I went to this last summer in Chaska and it was quite enjoyable. These guys “wrote the book” on raingardens and do a great job with their workshops.

The River is Up but the Logs are Down

February 24, 2011
Carver Log Jam November 2010
November, 2010

The Duck has taken a big chunk out of the log jam as compared to a picture from November. Most of the debris has been broken up and left under the bridge to flow down once the ice melts. There is still quite a bit of brush along the bank of the dyke that could be removed. Additionally, the river has risen noticeably since observed on Saturday.

River level at Jordan

In the event of a flood, the city and fire department are asking people to sign up to volunteer. Carver Current has previously reported on the log jam situation.

Carver Flood Volunteer Sign Up

As the Carver Fire Department prepares for the 2011 Flood Season, we have created the form below for anyone interested in volunteering for sand bagging and/or Levee watch. This form is just for information gathering in the event we will need help. We will send out notification of available shift dates and times should it become necessary.

Click here to sign-up and let us know you are available to help.

Thanks for your help!

Greg Osterdyk
City of Carver

Murder on the Minnesota – Carver, Minnesota

Mark Olson with the Chaska Herald and with the help of the Carver County Historical Society and John von Walter has published Murder on the Minnesota: The deathly tale of Rosa Mixa and Andrew Tapper.

On June 3, 1901 in Carver, Minnesota, Andrew Tapper, 34, stabbed his coworker Rosa Mixa, 18, to death. Tapper turned himself in and, following a trial, was sentenced to hang on Feb. 18, 1902 — 109 years ago. This video is the story of the murder and the execution.