Villager Tower #271

Villager Tower

The February/March issue of Villager Tower is now available: Villager Tower #271 February / March 2011.

This issue includes the story of a dog saving a family from fire, the latest news on flooding, a Fleet Farm update, other council news, and many other announcements including a write up of Carver Current. Please read and enjoy.

Additionally, I have been scanning historical issues and have posted the archives from 1984 and 1985 over on the Carver History page.

Ricki Schultz can be contacted at (952) 448-5126 and

Steamboat Days 2011 Planning

Title: Steamboat Days 2011 Planning
Location: Carver Villager Hall, Basement
Link out: Click here
Description: Join us in planning the 2011 Steamboat Days! Meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6:30PM in the Carver Village Hall basement. We would like to see you!
Start Time: 18:30
Date: 2011-03-09

How about a Raingarden?

Raingardens are growing in popularity as an attractive, low-maintenance landscape alternative that helps protect and restore water quality. They are designed and planted to capture rain water so it can penetrate into the soil. This reduces the stormwater runoff that takes pollutants from the air, yards and streets and carries them into lakes, rivers and wetlands.

Metro Blooms is hosting a Raingarden workshop in Waconia on April 7th. The cost is $10.

I went to this last summer in Chaska and it was quite enjoyable. These guys “wrote the book” on raingardens and do a great job with their workshops.

The River is Up but the Logs are Down

February 24, 2011
Carver Log Jam November 2010
November, 2010

The Duck has taken a big chunk out of the log jam as compared to a picture from November. Most of the debris has been broken up and left under the bridge to flow down once the ice melts. There is still quite a bit of brush along the bank of the dyke that could be removed. Additionally, the river has risen noticeably since observed on Saturday.

River level at Jordan

In the event of a flood, the city and fire department are asking people to sign up to volunteer. Carver Current has previously reported on the log jam situation.

Carver Flood Volunteer Sign Up

As the Carver Fire Department prepares for the 2011 Flood Season, we have created the form below for anyone interested in volunteering for sand bagging and/or Levee watch. This form is just for information gathering in the event we will need help. We will send out notification of available shift dates and times should it become necessary.

Click here to sign-up and let us know you are available to help.

Thanks for your help!

Greg Osterdyk
City of Carver

Murder on the Minnesota – Carver, Minnesota

Mark Olson with the Chaska Herald and with the help of the Carver County Historical Society and John von Walter has published Murder on the Minnesota: The deathly tale of Rosa Mixa and Andrew Tapper.

On June 3, 1901 in Carver, Minnesota, Andrew Tapper, 34, stabbed his coworker Rosa Mixa, 18, to death. Tapper turned himself in and, following a trial, was sentenced to hang on Feb. 18, 1902 — 109 years ago. This video is the story of the murder and the execution.

Win $25 to Harvey’s

I’ve created Carver Current as a place for people to use to exchange information, ideas, and opinions.

So far we have been quite successful. Traffic to the site is growing, and more people are viewing every story that is published. The problem is that I didn’t create this site to give myself a soap box. I created this site to give you a soapbox.

To that end, I’ve purchased a $25 gift certificate to Harvey’s. Between now and March 31st, anyone who participates in the dialog on Carver Current will be entered into the drawing. I will draw the winner and drop the gift certificate in the mail on April 1st.

There are many ways to participate! Buy, sell, or give away something in the Carver Classifieds. Local businesses may also advertise in the Classifieds. You could leave a comment in a story, or you could visit with us on Facebook!

Additionally, if you have a question, idea, or critique on how this site can better serve you or your organization, please contact us privately or publicly via the forum.

Good luck!

Carver Gazette – 1983

Carver Gazette Logo

The first issue of the Villager Tower, then called the Carver Gazette, was published in November, 1983 by Ricki Schultz. Here is how it began, over 27 years ago:

“Since our local government’s activities are not printed in the local newspaper – this informational sheet is an experiment to circulate happenings in and about our community that are of interest to you as citizens.”

The first two issues of the Carver Gazette are now available in electronic format for the first time.

Although a few issues have been missed over the years, Ricki is still publishing her labor of love every month. The latest issue, historical issues, as well as Jon van Walter’s book can be found on the new Carver History page.

Carver Historic District by John von Walter

John von Walter of the Carver Heritage Preservation Commission and Carver on the Minnesota has been working on a substantial book that documents the history of Carver on a building-by-building basis.

The first five pages of Carver Historic District provide a great introduction to the history of the area, and then the remainder takes a look at the history of each building and site individually. Please take a look at this and send any feedback to John on Facebook.

Carver on the Minnesota is a nonprofit established in 1969 that is dedicated to beautifying, restoring, and improving historic Carver, its nature trails, riverfront, cultural, artistic, and educational amenities, business climate, and environment.

New Site Feature: Carver Forums

There is still a bit of work to do, but I am happy to announce the new Carver Forums.

The Carver Forums will be the heart of Carver Current. It is a place for people to express their views and personalities. We will moderate to ensure a fair and civil environment. In short, lively discussions are encouraged, but personal attacks, insults, and profanity are prohibited. This is necessary on the internet where anyone can say whatever crosses their mind anonymously.

I’ve been working on the forum policy in terms of moderation, but it still needs quite a bit of work. You can see the current policy here. Feedback is encouraged.

To start off the classifieds section, I have listed some used books that I am giving away. If you would like some of them, please post what you want in the thread so that I can remove them from the list.

The other available forums are Introductions, General, Local Politics, and Weather. If you have any ideas or feedback for the Carver Forums or Carver Current, you could leave it in the Site Feedback forum.

Please go to the forum, say something, and tell a friend!

Introducing Ricki Schultz and Villager Tower

Villager Tower

The Villager Tower by Ricki Schultz started in 1983 as the “Carver Gazette”. Published monthly, it is printed and distributed to the downtown businesses and post office. The newsletter has many local readers, as well as Carver expats across the state and country.

Starting with the 270th issue, the Villager Tower will now also be available on Carver Current! The current issue can be downloaded here.

During the next few months, we will be scanning and making available the historical archives, documenting the last 30 years of the city of Carver.

Speaking personally, I am honored to be a part of this piece of work. It started when I was two years old, and it is humbling to see the dedication that has gone into this publication. I hope that by putting it online the Villager Tower and Ricki Schultz will gain wider circulation and recognition.

Correction: Originally it was listed as starting in 1981, but it was actually started in 1983.

Spring Flood Preparations

With the high river, the log jam, and the amount of snow on the ground, city officials are beginning flood preparations.

As of the December 20th NOAA model, there is a 1 in 4 chance that the Minnesota River will reach or exceed the 2010 height and a 7% chance of reaching or exceeding the 1965 flood. With the September flooding and almost record-setting precipitation this winter we are preparing for the worst and expecting the best.

Read more at the Mayor’s Blog. Additionally, the city has created an informational page.

Split decision on sign ordinance after threats from Mills

This week in the Chaska Herald, Nick Mason summarizes the contentious decision to allow Mills Fleet Farm to put in a 70 foot sign.

The new City Council rejected the Carver Planning Commission recommendation by voting 4-1 for an amended sign ordinance that allows businesses to erect sign structures up to 70 feet tall along Highway 212

Council action came four days after a Mills representative sent an e-mail to city officials advising them that the sign issue was “a deal breaker” and that rejection of a 70-foot-tall Fleet Farm sign might prompt the company to halt the project in Carver and move it to Iowa.

Read the full story at Additionally in the print version of the Chaska Herald, Nick Mason published a comprehensive interview with Mayor Greg Osterdyk.