Split decision on sign ordinance after threats from Mills

This week in the Chaska Herald, Nick Mason summarizes the contentious decision to allow Mills Fleet Farm to put in a 70 foot sign.

The new City Council rejected the Carver Planning Commission recommendation by voting 4-1 for an amended sign ordinance that allows businesses to erect sign structures up to 70 feet tall along Highway 212

Council action came four days after a Mills representative sent an e-mail to city officials advising them that the sign issue was “a deal breaker” and that rejection of a 70-foot-tall Fleet Farm sign might prompt the company to halt the project in Carver and move it to Iowa.

Read the full story at ChaskaHerald.com. Additionally in the print version of the Chaska Herald, Nick Mason published a comprehensive interview with Mayor Greg Osterdyk.

2 Replies to “Split decision on sign ordinance after threats from Mills”

  1. I’m more worried about light pollution than the height of the sign. I’d like to see ordinances that require lights on signs and in the parking lots to be turned off at 10 or 15 min after store close, whichever is later.

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