Introducing Ricki Schultz and Villager Tower

The Villager Tower by Ricki Schultz started in 1983 as the “Carver Gazette”. Published monthly, it is printed and distributed to the downtown businesses and post office. The newsletter has many local readers, as well as Carver expats across the state and country.

Starting with the 270th issue, the Villager Tower will now also be available on Carver Current! The current issue can be downloaded here.

During the next few months, we will be scanning and making available the historical archives, documenting the last 30 years of the city of Carver.

Speaking personally, I am honored to be a part of this piece of work. It started when I was two years old, and it is humbling to see the dedication that has gone into this publication. I hope that by putting it online the Villager Tower and Ricki Schultz will gain wider circulation and recognition.

Correction: Originally it was listed as starting in 1981, but it was actually started in 1983.

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